CJWA meeting June 2018
Monday, June 11, 2018 at 12:36AM
Central Jersey Woodworkers Association

The regularly scheduled June meeting is going to be the Annual Members Showcase.  All members are encouraged to bring in their work from the past year.  All we ask is that it be something CJWA hasn’t seen before and that it be moved into the meeting space without too much struggle.  Everyone who brings in a project will be entered into a raffle for some great prizes.

If you happened to have missed the May meeting, and April’s meeting too…well, you’ve definitely missed out…and you may not be fully aware that CJWA is making a real effort to get behind Camp Quality this year.  Here are the details:

WHY:         For several years now, Bill Woodard has graciously led an effort to bring woodworking to Camp Quality New Jersey.  Camp Quality is a volunteer driven, volunteer run and community funded non-profit, 501 (C) (3) organization that provides free camping experiences and year-round support programs for children with cancer, and their families. If you want to learn more check their web site http://www.campqualityusa.org/nj …its a great cause…and your shop is calling! You like, no…you NEED to make stuff!  Am I right!?


WHAT:       We are asking all members to make “kits” for the campers to assemble.  Plans for the kits are conveniently posted to our CWJA website…www.cjwa.org in the members area Members/Content/Plans.  If you have trouble accessing the members section, please send an email through the home page…Frank Bodner will try and help you through.  We’d appreciate as many kits as can be made (whatever is not used at Camp Quality we will surely need for Forestry Day a months from now).

HOW:         The campers will be assembling these kits with the help of some of our own CJWA member/volunteers…according to the plan.  These projects are generally best made from soft woods (eastern white pine is perfect).  If you need material, Bill Woodard still has several planks of white pine that were generously donated to the club by Frank Dippery for this cause.  If you are a beginning woodworker, lack tools or need help for any reason…please speak up.  Bob Emmons has offered to lead a small group at his shop, and Bill Woodard, too, has offered help to anyone who needs it.  

THE JOB:     Dimension the parts, test fit them, pre-drill for brads/nails, and then package the kit up…parts, drawing and fasteners! Most of these plans only have 5 or 6 parts! Some, like the tissue box cover, can be packaged in a heavy duty, document sized mailing envelope.  Most can be made with just one or two machine set-ups.  That’s it!

WHEN:        We will be collecting the kits at the June CJWA meeting!  SO, you have about a month to get cracking!  If you have interest in actually going to Camp Quality as party of the volunteer team in August, please get in touch with Bill Woodard.

BONUS:       EVERYONE WHO PRODUCES A KIT will be given a gift certificate to Willard Brothers Woodcutters for $10!!


Scott Goldstein has generously offered to host, and is leading the effort on, this year’s CJWA summer picnic! And, he’d love some help with both the planning and executing.  If you would like to be involved contact Scott directly: bsasgoldstein@outlook.com


Click here for the picnic’s flyer.

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