Next meeting: Wednesday, Jun. 12th, 7:00 PM

The Central Jersey Woodworkers Association normally meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month (except for July and August) from 7:00PM to 10:00PM at the Old Brick Reformed Church on Route 520 in Marlboro NJ. We welcome new members and guests.

Upcoming meeting dates:

  • Jun 12th, 2019
  • July - No Meeting
  • Aug - No Meeting





Location and Directions

We meet at the Old Brick Reformed Church, 490 Route 520, Marlboro, NJ, in the Church Parish Hall, located behind the church itself. The church is located on Route 520 approximately one-quarter of a mile east from the Route 520 & Route 79 intersection. New members and guests are always welcome!

From the Garden State Parkway, exit at #109 and proceed West on Route 520/Newman Springs Road into Marlboro (approximately 6 miles). The large Old Brick Church will be on your right, just past the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital (Marlboro Center for Human Development).

From Route 18, take the exit for Route 79 North. Proceed North on Route 79 for approximately 2 miles to the Route 520 / Newman Springs Road intersection (there is a WaWa and an Amoco gas station on the corner). Make a right hand turn at the light onto Route 520 East and go 1/4 mile; the church is on the left.


We always welcome new members to our club.

Your first visit is free. If you come back again (and we hope you do) membership dues are $50 a year, prorated for the number of meetings left in the calendar year if you join in the middle of the year. Membership renewals occur in January.

Membership forms can be completed at any meeting, or you can download a membership form to bring to any meeting.

Membership benefits include access to the Members Area of our website and to our library of woodworking books, tapes and DVD’s. Members in good standing may borrow these items on a month to month basis.

Our club also has a collection of tools that members may borrow on a month to month basis:

Drill Doctor

Jet Mini Lathe

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Veneer Vacuum Press

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Tool donations / Consignments welcome for our annual fall auction. Click Here to email a member who will get back to you with more information.

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Christopher Schwarz: Hand Tool Boot Camp

We were lucky enough to convince Christopher Schwarz, editor of Popular Woodworking and Woodworking Magazine, to come out and give a talk that he called “Hand Tool Boot Camp”. His talk was designed to show how hand tools can make your life easier, even if you live and die by your router and tablesaw.

Chris was able to cover a wide range of material in one day, including sharpening, planes, chisels, and saws. Most of what he spoke about is going to be familiar to avid hand tool users, but there were definitely some things that I learned, so I thought I’d pass them along.

1. Eclipse sharpening jig copies. If you have one of the $10 Eclipse style jigs that are made in Taiwan, the one thing that makes them work less well is that the paint on them is too thick. The original Eclipse jigs had very thin paint. Chris suggested to take a file and flatten out the flat part where the plane blade sits, and to take a triangular file and get rid of the paint that is in the little dovetailed recesses that hold the blade. Or go to eBay and find a real one.

2. Block planes. He like to put a little camber on a block plane blade.

3. Sawing. Using a chisel to get your saw cut started really works well, much better than I thought it would. I’ve read about the three classes of saw cuts, but I always thought that taking the time to chisel a notch to get the cut started would be an interruption in my workflow, and, to be honest, less “manly” than just cutting to the line. Boy, was I wrong.

4. Sawing, part 2: His two starter saws would be (1) some kind of dovetail saw, and his cheapest recommendation would be a dozuki, and the rip vs. crosscut dozuki issue doesn’t matter, and (2) a big rip joinery saw of some sort. He had the 16” Lie-Nielsen tenon saw, filed rip. Since you can use a chisel to start a shoulder cut, you can get away without a crosscut saw.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun.


June 2009 Meeting: 8 board feet of wood contest, raised panel doors

The 8 Board Feet of Wood competition was judged this evening with about 12 entries, which represented the largest number of entries to our challenge thus far.  First place was awarded to Steve Altman with a very detailed and exacting jewelry case made of common pine, which is a species very out of character for Mr. Altman, yet the workmanship was excellent and his finish was that of very old wood.  Steve received a $50.00 gift certificate that was generously donated by Monteath Lumber for our contest. Kudos to Steve! 



Bob Masterson demonstrated an easy method of making raised panel doors. He made a cherry door for a vanity using only 3 cutters and a router table. The purpose was to show that if Bob can do it, anybody can do it (his words) and he hopes some were inspired to try. He also says that the vanity has yet to be completed.

The passing of Sam Maloof and his work and kindness was mentioned.


May 2009 meeting: Tool swap

This meeting was our swap meet. Although not as many articles were for sale as last year, it was still a successful swap meet.

Next meeting's 8 Board Feet of Wood competition was discussed in detail. The most notable change in our rules this year: instead of receiving identical stacks of wood to make a project, contestants may use up to 8 board feet of a single species of wood of their own choice.  All other rules apply.

Matt Greco acquired a $50 gift certificate from Monteath Lumber for the winner. Thanks Matt!


April 2009 meeting: Glen Guarino

Our meeting was opened by Jeff Brown with 3 new members. Jeff announced that Todd Gleason has volunteered his time and shop to cut 200 bird houses and feeders for our fund raiser. We still need volunteers to assemble.  The club will be selling its wares at the Marlboro Community Day in May. 

This evening's speaker is Glen Guarino, of Guarino Furniture Designs. Glenn is a one of a kind furniture maker.  His topic was his method of designing furniture. He explained the steps he takes from the idea to drawing the piece in sections to determine the most pleasing design. Glen brought 2 tables with him which were very unique and quite beautiful. I would say his work falls between contemporary and Asian. A retired shop teacher, Glen has been building his pieces for over 30 years and leaves no doubt he is very talented. His work has been selected for 500 Tables, published by Lark Books, and has had numerous articles in magazines including Fine Woodworker.  We appreciate his time and his willingness to share his skills with us. The topic was very interesting, well prepared and presented. Many thanks to Glen.


March 2009 meeting: Three ways to a beautiful finish

This meeting was opened by Jeff Brown with 8 new members present.  Jeff discussed our participation in The Woodworking Show in Edison this month. Paul Weber gave us his input about dyes, stains, and finish techniques. Matt Greco talked about how he applies shellac. Marc Gaertner went over his process of applying wipe on and aerosol polyurethane.  Roger Ackerman made a home electroplating rig to extract rust from iron. The components necessary are a bucket, with a steel anode as a positive and the work as the negative attached to a low amperage battery charger or rectifier. The solution Roger used was sodium carbonate and water. the results were quite pleasing. Some links related to the process are provided by Roger are listed below.

A Primer on Rust

Rust Removal using Electrolysis

Rust Removal Using Electrolysis (another page)


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