Next meeting: Wednesday, September 11th, 7:00 PM

The Central Jersey Woodworkers Association normally meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month (except for July and August) from 7:00PM to 10:00PM at the Old Brick Reformed Church on Route 520 in Marlboro NJ. We welcome new members and guests.

Upcoming meeting dates:

  • Sept. 11th, 2019
  • Oct. 16, 2019 (Date Change!)
  • Nov. 13th, 2019





Location and Directions

We meet at the Old Brick Reformed Church, 490 Route 520, Marlboro, NJ, in the Church Parish Hall, located behind the church itself. The church is located on Route 520 approximately one-quarter of a mile east from the Route 520 & Route 79 intersection. New members and guests are always welcome!

From the Garden State Parkway, exit at #109 and proceed West on Route 520/Newman Springs Road into Marlboro (approximately 6 miles). The large Old Brick Church will be on your right, just past the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital (Marlboro Center for Human Development).

From Route 18, take the exit for Route 79 North. Proceed North on Route 79 for approximately 2 miles to the Route 520 / Newman Springs Road intersection (there is a WaWa and an Amoco gas station on the corner). Make a right hand turn at the light onto Route 520 East and go 1/4 mile; the church is on the left.


We always welcome new members to our club.

Your first visit is free. If you come back again (and we hope you do) membership dues are $50 a year, prorated for the number of meetings left in the calendar year if you join in the middle of the year. Membership renewals occur in January.

Membership forms can be completed at any meeting, or you can download a membership form to bring to any meeting.

Membership benefits include access to the Members Area of our website and to our library of woodworking books, tapes and DVD’s. Members in good standing may borrow these items on a month to month basis.

Our club also has a collection of tools that members may borrow on a month to month basis:

Drill Doctor

Jet Mini Lathe

Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Veneer Vacuum Press

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February Meeting: Steve Altman on Box Making

The February CJWA meeting will be at 7 PM on February 10, and features a presentation by Steve Altman, maker of Kandi Boxes.  Steve will talk about making boxes, the techniques he uses to create his boxes, and discuss the decisions and choices involved in designing and building different kinds of boxes. If you know Steve, you’ll also know that besides making incredible work, he’ll also be very entertaining and thought-provoking as well.


What You Can Do With A Home Made CNC Router

As an aside to his experiences with SketchUp, Roger Ackerman mentioned an acquaintance who had made his own CNC router machine.  Roger took the bandsaw box that was made at our October 2008 meeting and carved in a picture of a house in the lid using the CNC router.  The photo doesn’t really do justice to the detail that could be achieved with the CNC router.  The CNC router did take quite a bit of time to finish this carving, however, and probably was quite a bit noisier than using carving tools to do the same.

If you are interested in building a CNC router, you can start with this article from IEEE Spectrum magazine that will give you a good start.


January Meeting: SketchUp for Woodworkers

We started off the first CJWA meeting of the decade with five new members at our meeting. Frank Vucolo presented an update on plans for our booth at The Woodworking Show at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset on Feb. 19-21. Although we have had a booth at The Woodworking Show every year in the past, this will be our biggest effort yet. Not only will we be showing projects that CJWA members have made, there also will be a full slate of demonstrations by CJWA members throughout the show.

Elections were held for CJWA officers for 2010. The current officers were re-elected.

For this year, one project that CJWA will take on for the Old Brick Reformed Church will be to build some storage shelves for use in the storage area just off of our meeting room. Dave White and John Steinmetz will head up this project. Thanks, Dave and John!

Our featured speaker was Robert Lafferty of Blackpoint Woodworking, who gave a demonstration of how he uses Google SketchUp in planning projects. He was able to show how to mock up a kitchen cabinet layout using SketchUp, including dimensioning the carcasses, showing how to easily add decorative elements like crown molding, and adding grain patterns using Wood Workshop, a program that will add wood patterns to SketchUp objects.

In addition to creating SketchUp objects from scratch, there are many woodworking related SketchUp models uploaded by SketchUp users that are available on the internet. Popular Woodworking magazine has an extensive selection of SketchUp models related to articles from their magazine and related publications.

Roger Ackerman and Matt Greco also showed how they used SketchUp in their projects. Roger used SketchUp for planning and building a shed. Matt showed how he used SketchUp to facilitate getting client approval for projects, and showed how to use SketchUp to create a table.

Jerry Fishlin showed a Greene and Greene inspired small table made of white oak. The top was quartersawn white oak, and it was finished using Japan Colors, shellac, and wax. Hopefully he will bring it to exhibit at our booth at the Woodworking show.


January Meeting: SketchUp for Woodworkers

The first CJWA meeting of the decade will be at 7 PM on January 13, and features a presentation by Robert Lafferty of Blackpoint Woodworking.  Robert will be demonstrating how to use SketchUp in designing woodworking projects. Matt Greco and Roger Ackerman, who both have also used SketchUp, will also be weighing in on the discussion. SketchUp is a free program from Google that allows you to build 3-dimensional models of your projects. Many woodworkers have started using SketchUp in creating their designs.

Membership renewals are also due in January, so don’t forget to bring your dues payment.  CJWA annual dues are $40, $30 for senior citizens. Please see our website for details.


CJWA member holiday projects

The Annual CJWA Holiday Potluck wasn’t all about an enormous quantity of food.  It was also a chance for CJWA members to share their holiday projects with the rest of the club.  And as you might expect, there were quite a variety of projects, all excellent.

Doug Poray brought an Irish mailer that he made.  It’s a child’s riding toy, powered by pulling the handle back and forth.  To make the drive mechanism, Doug had to heat and bend the rear axle rod using a MAPP torch.

Roger Ackerman turned this egg shaped box.  It was made from cherry, and the fit of the two pieces was impressively precise.

Dave Peregmon made a toy train set that came with its own carrying case.  This toy is made from soft maple, and Dave calls it “Choo Choo To Go”.

Bob Emmons built an occasional table out of some incredibly figured tiger maple.  The finish really showed off the figure of the tiger maple very well.

Matt Greco built a cabinet for his planes based on a plan from Fine Woodworking.  The planes are secured by leather straps.  Matt has more planes than are in this picture.

Larry Lichtenstein made this beautiful landscape carving using a variety of knives and chisels.  The carving is made from basswood, with a Watco oil and pigmented wax finish.  The pigmented wax enhances the 3-D aspect of the carving.

Even though William Duffield was busy organizing and coordinating the Holiday Potluck Dinner, he still had time to make an ice cream scoop.  This is built from a kit available at Woodcraft.  William turned the handle, and “weaponized” the scoop end by grinding down the edge to give it a sharper profile so that it could slice through the most frozen of ice cream with little effort.


Finally, Marc Gaertner showed a ball and scoop toy and a bank with a secret compartment that he made.  Both toys are great for younger kids, even in this age of video games.

Thanks to Steve Strickland for the photos.

Happy Holidays from CJWA!